My apps

This page contains apps I have created over this semester in my computer science 201 class. All these apps have been created on a website that MIT has created. It is called appinventor. These apps will only work for Android devices. Instructions on how to download these apps are here. If you have any problems using that app you may contact me on Facebook. Enjoy.
I Have A Dream
This contains MLK's "I Have a Dream Speech" and an interview with MalcomX. This also has a photo of both of them and as you tap their individual pictures, their speechs/interviews will start
CatchPhrase This app plays two catch phrase for two different situations.Tap the photo for the catch phrase.
This app allows you to take pictures and draw on them using the colors that are given.
This app allows you to take a ball and fling it. The ball will then bounce off the corners of the screen. If you want to change the direction of the ball, you can fling the ball again but, in a different direction.
This app is about one of the last scenes in the Lion King. You are Simba in this app and you are trying to defeat Scar as he tries to get you while he is jumping out of the fire. The Hyenas are meant to distract you and if you touch them, you lose. Tap Scar 8 times to win. Good Lucky.
This app is about Ridgewood Nj. It contain a few main locations in the town. The map has locations for the train station, a bakery, the high school, a park, a restaurant, and even the pool in the town. When you choose a location on the app,it will open up the location on google maps so you could get directions to the place or even the phone numbers for the place.
Friends Quiz
This a quiz app for the TV show Friends. It includes trivia from every season of Friends. See how big of a Friends fan you are.
Stitches Escape
This a game app where you help the character Stitch from Disney's movie Lilo and Stithch escape from the mothership. You help him by tapping on the police ships that are trying to destroy your ship. Good luck on your mission.