My Javascripts

These are my Javascripts programs I have created and worked on in my computer science class over the semester. Any problems or questions you may have about these, please feel free to contact me. There are links to my Facebook page on both the Home page and my About Me page.

What's for Dinner

Spin-off of "Project: Greeting Card"

CrazyFace:micky mouse

Panda Bear

Spin-off of "Project: Crazy Painter"

Spin-off of "Project: Custom Clothing"

Spin-off of "Project: Ad Design"

Spin-off of "Project: Fish Tank"

Spin-off of "Project: Magic 8-Ball"

Ball follow

Spin-off of "Project: Build-a-House"

Spin-off of "Project: Make it Rain"

Spin-off of "Project: Bookshelf"

Spin-off of "Hoppy Beaver with Win State"